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The team at Bardens Estates has many years experience letting and managing property. We have structured our business so that we not only offer a great service for landlords, but we don't charge tenant fees. Marketing our landlord's properties with NO TENANT FEES gives us a real competitive advantage over other letting agents, and often means that we let our properties quickly, minimising voids.

We will market your property on all the main property portals including Rightmove and Zoopla. We are also active on social media and promote our properties on both Twitter and Facebook (we have thousands of followers on both).

We then thoroughly vet our tenants by conducting credit and reference checks, We also speak to employers and previous landlords to make sure the tenants are right for you. 

Once all the necessary pre tenancy steps and paperwork have been completed, including managing the deposit and the tenancy agreement, we will check your tenants in to your property.

Bardens Estates is a licensed member of both the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), and the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA). We are also a member of The Property Ombudsman regulated by the Office of Fair Trading.

To find out more about the landlord services that we offer, please contact us at the Bardens Tunbridge Wells office:

T: 01892-527317



Landlord Service Options

Bardens Tenant Find - Low Fixed Fee of Just £246 INCLUDING VAT 

This includes the key steps needed to find a tenant and to start a tenancy. The day to day management of the property and tenant is then down to you. The fee is fixed no matter what the monthly rent, so a property with a monthly rent of £750 and a property with a monthly rent of £1000 both incur the same low fixed fee of £246 including VAT

The service includes:

  • Marketing your property on the major portals including Rightmove and Zoopla. Promoting the property on the Bardens website and on social media.
  • Agent accompanied viewings
  • Thorough tenant referencing and credit check including checking with employers and previous landlords
  • Preparing Tenancy Agreement and other key paperwork
  • Protecting the deposit in a government scheme like the Deposit Protection Service.
  • Tenant check in.

Rent Collection Service - 7.8% INCLUDING VAT

This includes the tenant finding service above, but adds the collection of monthly rent payments. You still manage the property on a day to day basis. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the monthly rent, so a property letting for £850 will incur a rent collection charge of £66.30 including VAT. A property letting for a monthly rent of £900 will incur a monthly management charge of £70.20 including VAT

The service includes:

  • Tenant Finding Service (details above), plus:
  • Collection of monthly rent
  • Monthly rent statements
  • Chasing tenant arrears and serving of appropriate notices if required
  • Debt control and recovery
  • Annual rent review

As an example if the monthly rent is £1000, the rent collection service fee would be £78 per month INCLUDING VAT.

Bardens Full Property Management - 9% INCLUDING VAT

This is our most comprehensive service package and includes all the service stages in the Tenant Finding and Rent Collection Services, plus we deal with the day to day management of the property. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the monthly rent and includes VAT. A property achieving a monthly rent of £1000 will incur a management charge of £90 including VAT. A property achieving a monthly rent of £1500 will incur a management charge of £135 including VAT

The service includes:

  • Tenant Finding and Rent Collection Services (details above) plus:
  • Taking utility meter readings at the beginning and end of the tenancy
  • Notify utility companies of change of tenants
  • Enforcement of Tenancy Agreement terms
  • Arranging property maintenance and repairs with our trusted local tradesmen
  • Routine property visits
  • Serve notices if required
  • Holding of property keys
  • Annual HMRC return if required
  • Tenant check-out and inventory reconciliation

As an example, if the monthly rent is £1000, rent Bardens Full Property Management fee would be £90 per month INCLUDING VAT.

Landlord Rent Guarantee with Legal Cover Option (poa):

The Bardens Rent Guarantee and Legal Cover option gives peace of mind to landlords who want to protect their income. We are very confident in our tenant checking process, but sometimes tenants' situation changes and this can lead to missed rent payments. The Bardens Rent Guarantee option includes:

  • Nil Excess - pays all arrears back to initial default
  • Rent payable until vacant possession is obtained, NO TIME LIMIT
  • Cover limit of £2,500 pcm (but higher levels of protection are available on request)
  • Total claims limit of £50,000
  • Upon accepting a claim the insurers will seek repossession of the property
  • Full legal expenses covered in gaining vacant possession of the property following expiry of Section 8 or Section 21 notice

Please contact the lettings team for details.

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Here is a more detailed breakdown of our landlord fees (all fees include VAT):

Inventory fee – varies depending on property size £ poa
Legionella risk assessment £ 150
HMO license application – initial application £ 180
HMO license application – renewal of tenancy £ 96
Arrangement fee for works over £750 12% of invoice total
Annual statement of income and expenditure £ 60 annually
Quarterly submission for non-resident landlords to HMRC £30 / quarter
Annual submission for non-resident landlords to HMRC £ 60 annually
Court Attendance £ 36/hr + expenses
Withdrawal fee Actual cost incurred +VAT
Service of Section 13 Notice £ 60
Service of Section 21 Notice £ 60
Vacant property service £ 75
Vacant property visit service £ 75 / visit
Same day bank transfer (overseas accounts) £ 36

Landlord FAQs

Bardens zero up-front tenant fees sounds great for tenants but how does it benefit me?

We feel that traditional Tunbridge Wells letting agents charge tenants fees that are much too high. Our approach is completely different. We absorb most tenant admin costs ourselves by running a very efficient estate agency business. In our many years of experience letting and managing property we know that by reducing the fees that tenants pay, we significantly reduce the risk that they will get into financial difficulty and miss a rent payment. Reducing the risk for tenants reduces the risk for landlords too. We also know that a landlord that has chosen to let their property through a tenant friendly agent should benefit from some extra tenant goodwill which is never a bad thing.

The average tenant will save hundreds of pounds in fees at the start of their tenancy and this is obviously a great incentive to find a property to let through Bardens. We are therefore confident that we will generate a great deal of interest from potential tenants if you decide to market your property with us, and this can reduce the risk of a lengthy void.

The benefits for landlords and tenants aren’t limited to the start of the tenancy as we don’t charge tenants renewal fees either. This means that there is an additional financial incentive for tenants to renew a tenancy which should help to reduce voids.

Another advantage for landlords is that by using Bardens to find a tenant, your property will be more competitive as the total cost for the tenant will be much lower. If you were a teneant what property would you choose, one at £950 pcm with letting agent fees of £350, or a similar property at £950 pcm with no tenant admin fees? Our approach often means that our properties rent relatively quickly, helping to reduce void periods for our landlords.

What minimum criteria do Bardens tenants need to meet to secure a property?

  • We would need to see evidence of the tenants ability to meet an affordability calculation of 2.5 x the annualised rent figure, either singularly or jointly. (For example: If the rent for the property is £800.00pcm, then the tenant would need to demonstrate income of (12 x £800.00) x 2.5 = £24,000 p.a.
  • The tenant must be able to evidence their income source; this can be through evidence from their employer, pension provider, accountant, military allowance confirmation etc.
  • The tenant must not have an adverse credit history within the past 3 years (e.g. County Court Judgements (CCJs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Outstanding debts that are overdue or in arrears).
  • If the tenant is currently renting we will require a satisfactory landlord reference.
  • We will need to obtain a satisfactory credit agency score for the tenant.
  • For corporate lets, most established PLC / Ltd companies or large organisations will meet our criteria providing three years trading records are available at companies house and satisfactory accountants references are forthcoming.

Who needs to be referenced?

All occupants aged over 18 years must be named on the Tenancy Agreement. Each Tenant will be referenced for an equal share of the total rent payable for the property.

What about the Right To Rent Act?

The Right to Rent Act states we must see a copy of all occupiers passports and Visa’s if applicable in person, within 28 days of the start of the tenancy. We require all tenants bring these originals to BEL to be copied before the start of the tenancy. For more details see

How much deposit do you recommend?

We normally recommend one and a half month’s rent as a deposit. If you agree to let the tenant keep pets this normally increases to two month’s rent.

What happens to the deposit after the tenant pays it to you?

The deposit will be held in the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) for safe keeping. This is a government approved scheme that protects the deposit for the duration of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy no money will be paid to you unless the tenant agrees to the payment.

Do I need to pay for insurance?

The Landlord is normally responsible for the buildings insurance. The tenant will be responsible for their own contents insurance.

As I am going to let my property do I need to tell my mortgage lender?

Yes. Your mortgage company will need to give you permission to let your property. There are special buy-to-let mortgage products available for investors looking to buy a buy-to-let.

What rent should I charge?

We can carry out a lettings valuation on your property for you, free of charge, so that you will know what a reasonable rent level would be. We are also well placed to talk about the general lettings environment and the types of property that are seeing the strong tenant demand.

Do I need an EPC?

Yes. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a legal requirement before a property is let, and is valid for 10 years.

Do I need a Gas Safety Record (GSR)?

Yes, and it needs to be checked every 12 months. A Gas Safe Register engineer will need to test all gas appliances like boilers and gas fires, to make sure that they are in safe working order.

Do I need to get my electrical appliances tested?

You are required to check that any electrical devices within the property are safe for use. We recommend an Installation Survey or Portable Appliance Test (PAT) so that you can be sure that your property is safe.

What are the rules on leaving furniture and furnishings in the property?

You must ensure that all furniture and furnishings display fire safety labels in a prominent position.

Do I need an inventory?

A detailed list of the contents and condition of your property before a tenant moves in, can be very important if there is a dispute with the tenant at the end of the tenancy. We recommend getting an independent inventory clerk to carry out the inventory as this will further strengthen your position if there is a dispute with the tenant.

What happens at the Inventory Check-In?

An Independent Inventory Clerk will be present at the agreed time to check the property, take the meter readings and hand over the keys. If the Tenant (or his representative) has not been present at the check-in, then it must be accepted that the Inventory Clerk’s signature on the Schedule of Condition is binding. Any discrepancies should be brought to Bardens notice within 7 days.

What happens at the Inventory Check-Out?

All possessions must be removed from the property and the house and garden. We require tenants to carry out a professional clean at the end of their tenancy at their own cost. An Independent Inventory Clerk will be present to check the property, take the meter readings and hand over the keys. If the Tenant (or his representative) has not been present at the check-out, then it must be accepted that the Inventory Clerk’s signature on the Schedule of Condition is binding. Any discrepancies should be brought to Bardens notice within 7 days.

Who is responsible for paying utilities and Council Tax?

Gas, oil, water, electricity, council tax and TV licence are not included in the rent and are the Tenants responsibility. The Tenant may not change the supplier for gas, electricity, water or telephone without prior written consent from the Landlord. Such permission cannot be unreasonably withheld.

What are the rules about keeping a pet at the property?

No animals (including caged animals) birds or reptiles may be kept on the premises without written permission from the Agent and/or Landlord. Such permission cannot be unreasonably withheld. House, carpet and curtains must be professionally cleaned at the end of the Tenancy – sight of invoices will be required at check out. Note that keeping a pet at the property will usually require the tenant to pay an additional pet deposit (also held at the DPS for safe keeping).

How often do you carry our maintenance visits?

Where Bardens are managing the property the maintenance visits will usually be made quarterly. Additional maintenance visits maybe necessary and we will give at least 24 hrs notice unless in an emergency.

Can I enter the property during the tenancy?

Yes, but only if you give the appropriate notice. We recommend at least 48 hours notice in writing.

How is my rental income paid to me?

If you sign up for the Rent Collection or Fully Managed Services, we will collect the rent for you from the tenant by standing order or direct debit. We will then transfer the money to your designated bank account minus our fees and any costs like maintenance work charges. We will send you a statement each month.

Can the tenant decorate the property or make changes?

A tenant can only decorate or make changes to the property with the express written permission of the landlord.

Who is responsible for repairs to the property?

As landlord, you are responsible for maintaining the property in a good state of repair, either directly or through us. If your tenant does damage to the property they are expected to cover the cost of any repairs.

I’ve decided to sell my property. Can I sell the property with the tenants in situ? What is your sole agency sales commission?

Yes, you can sell your property with or without the tenants in situ. Investors looking for buy-to-lets are often happy to take properties on with tenants already as it can help to reduce the risk of a long void. We only charge 0.6% sole agency commission – significantly below the rates charged by our chain competitors.