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At Bardens we believe that our local knowledge is second to none. As a Tunbridge Wells estate agents we have extensive experience of the West Kent and East Sussex property markets. We know about the relative attractiveness of different locations and can highlight the local amenities and attractions for each area. Whether you are looking for houses for sale in Crowborough, property for sale in Tunbridge Wells or houses for sale further afield, we would love to hear from you. 

We can help you find your perfect home whether you are a first time buyer looking at houses for sale in Tonbridge, or a more experienced buyer looking for your ‘forever’ home. We can also provide advice on each step of the buying process, including tips on choosing a conveyancer and on ways to make the legal process as smooth as possible.

We try to make buying with Bardens as hassle free as possible by helping you at each stage. We will advise you on what you need to have done at each point and help you anticipate potential problems.

Although we don't offer conveyancing or mortgages in house, we are more than happy to recommend some great local conveyancing solicitors and an independent full-market mortgage advisor.  Please just let us know what you need.  

If you would like to view a particular property please request a viewing by going to the full property details page for the property on our site and then click on 'request a viewing' and complete the viewing request form, alternatively contact us at the Bardens Tunbridge Wells office:





Buying - frequently asked questions

Should I have a survey done?

For most people buying a property is a major financial step and much of their net worth will be tied up in the property when the purchase is complete. As a general rule we would therefore recommend that you get a survey done so that you can be confident what you are buying. A lot will depend though on your knowledge and experience as a buyer, and the type of property that you are buying. As an experienced Royal Tunbridge Wells estate agents we know that many seasoned property investors skip the survey all together, as they are able to make an adequate judgement on the state of a property without hiring a professional surveyor. If you are a first time buyer however having the property surveyed is almost always going to be a sensible step to take. Older properties could have developed problems over time, or may have warning signs that you would like investigated further. Older properties are unlikely to be covered by any builder guarantees so employing a surveyor is likely to be a good move.

If you need a mortgage to complete your house purchase, most mortgage providers will insist on a mortgage survey (so that they can be confident that they will get their money back if the loan turns bad). A mortgage survey can give you some peace of mind but it should be noted that the survey is relatively simple (it is quite different from a full structural survey) and a more detailed survey should also be considered.


What can I do to make my offer more attractive to a seller?

A seller will consider many factors when they are deciding whether to accept an offer, not just the price the buyer is willing to pay. One important aspect is financing; does the buyer have the financing in place to cover the full purchase price? If a mortgage is required does the buyer have a mortgage in principle? If the buyer needs to sell a property to fund or partly fund the purchase, have they found a buyer for their house? How far advanced is their house sale?

Another factor that sellers will look at is the time horizon that the buyer wants to complete the purchase. Can the buyer be flexible to fit in with the ideal completion date for the seller?

The seller may also prefer buyers that are happy to proceed without a survey, which could slow the sale process down. We would generally recommend that buyers have a survey done, so one tip is to make sure that the buyer has already lined up a surveyor who is able to do the survey quickly, minimising any delay.

How long will it take to complete on my purchase?

As a Royal Tunbridge Wells estate agnets we know that the completion time for a property purchase can vary dramatically depending on the individuals in the transaction and the broader chain (if there is one). It is possible for seasoned property investors to complete on a house purchase within a couple of weeks, although this is rare (and normally requires a cash buyer and no survey/limited conveyancing). The average time that we would expect a sale to take is between 8-10 weeks. Some transactions can take significantly longer than this however, for example if there are legal delays, survey problems or mortgage issues. In some (rare) cases it may suit both the buyer and seller to delay completion and so the whole process can take many months (one example we have experienced of this was when an investor agreed to wait while the vendor confirmed a place in a residential home).

What advice would you give on the solicitor that I should I use?

Many buyers underestimate the importance of choosing a solicitor. It is tempting to choose a cheap online solicitor to do the conveyancing for you, but like most things in life you get what you pay for. The cheap online solicitors often try to mechanise as much of the conveyancing process as they can (that’s how they keep their costs down). This can be fine if the purchase goes smoothly, but they can be difficult to contact or slow to react if problems develop. Alternatively, there are plenty of traditional solicitors in and around Royal Tunbridge Wells who are much more proactive in the buying process, but are not significantly more expensive.

At what point should I appoint a solicitor/conveyancer?

We recommend that you choose your solicitor early in the buying process (preferably before you find the property that you want to buy) so that you are able to show that you are a motivated, serious buyer when you find your ideal home.

Do I need to find a buyer for my home before I can put in an offer?

No, but if you read the FAQ ‘What can I do to make my offer more attractive to a seller?’ you will see that a seller is more likely to take your offer seriously if you already have your property under offer (or at least on the market).

Do I have to pay stamp duty?

Yes. The level of stamp duty that you have to pay depends on the price of the property that you are looking to buy. The stamp duty rates and thresholds change from time to time.

If you have other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you, so please contact us at the Bardens Royal Tunbridge Wells office: