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If you are thinking of selling then your first step should be to get an accurate valuation of your property. At Bardens we carry out many valuations every week so we have the local knowledge of property prices in your area. We pride ourselves in offering a full estate agency service with many extras, at a fee that is significantly below the chain estate agents. We charge an estate agency sales fee of just 0.6% incl VAT (Sole Agency Basis), which not only includes professional photography, detailed floorplans and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), but also includes a property video tour. Our approach will make your property stand out, helping you attract a buyer who is able to pay the best price for your home given your individual circumstances and the overall market environment. We also find that the video tours reduce the number of unnecessary viewings as buyers are much better informed about your home before they arrange to see it.

As part of our thorough marketing approach, we list our properties on major portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation. We also use social media to attract further interest.  

Bardens aim to make selling your home a low-stress experience. We start by offering a free estate agency property valuation, and then we can tailor a marketing strategy for your property that best suits your individual requirements. We know from experience that every property sale is different and that every individual vendor has different objectives and time constraints. As Bardens is an independent estate agent we are able to offer a flexible bespoke service that is designed to fit you, something the major chain agents are unable to match.

You will be given a dedicated sales negotiator who will look after you throughout the sales process so it will be easy for you to keep up to speed with the progress that we are making. We will guide you at every step of the way, and will work to anticipate problems before they arise, making your sale as smooth as possible.

Our sales negotiators are experienced and have detailed knowledge of the Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks property markets, so whether you have property to sell in Tunbridge Wells, property to sell in Tonbridge or further afield, we would love to hear from you. They are also highly qualified, with the (NFoPP) Technical Award in Sales of Residential Property, so you can be confident that your home is in very capable hands.

If you would like to do some work on your property before putting it on the market, and you would like some advice on the best local trades people to use (and the ones to avoid!), please feel free to contact us. We use plumbers, electricians, cleaners, house clearance firms, flooring firms, gardeners, builders, decorators, carpenters, roofers, carpet cleaners, (and many more) on a regular basis. We can also point you towards some great local conveyancing solicitors and an independent full-market mortgage advisor.  Please just let us know what you need.  

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Thinking of selling or letting your property?

Book a free valuation today!

If you choose to sell your property with Bardens on a sole agency basis we offer:

  • Low estate agency selling fee of just 0.6% incl VAT
  • Professional photography and detailed floorplans
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Video tour to help differentiate your property from the rest, showcasing key features and the way that your property flows
  • Managed viewings, accommodating your personal schedule as much as possible. We also take time to qualify potential buyers so that you do not have to deal with timewasters.
  • Extensive targeted marketing, not just online with the major property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation, but also using our own systems to match motivated buyers who have registered with us.
  • Plenty of feedback on the viewings and marketing progress. We make sure that you not only have our office contact details, but that you also have the personal mobile number of the dedicated sales negotiator who is looking after your sale so we are always easy to reach.
  • A qualified professional sales negotiator will help you secure the best result for your individual situation.
  • As a Royal Tunbridge Wells estate agents we offer professional sales progression and chain management, reducing the risk that mortgage advisors, solicitors, and other buyers/sellers in your chain do not hold up or derail your sale.

You only pay our commission when we sell your property, there is no upfront photography, marketing or EPC charge, unlike some of our competitors.

Selling - frequently asked questions

What is the first step to selling my property?

Get your property valued and appoint an estate agent. As a Royal Tunbridge Wells estate agents, Bardens offer a free no-obligation valuation so that you can get the process started.

What can I do to make my property more saleable?

We can advise you on the different options that you can take to make your property more marketable. In general, we would recommend that you consider the following:

Declutter – can potential buyers clearly see the size of each room? We all tend to accumulate possessions over time, but too many items in a room can make it seem smaller than it really is. Excess furniture or other items should be placed into storage for the marketing process.

Who is the target market or most likely buyer of your property? If the buyer is likely to be a family for example, make sure that you present a family environment with a good mix of living space and bedrooms.

Carefully consider the best use for each room, then make sure that this is clear to potential buyers. If a room is a bedroom does it have a bed in it?

You may not want to undertake a major refurbishment of your property before it is put up for sale, but could some areas benefit from some light DIY/decorating? Are the internal colours relatively neutral?

Thoroughly spring clean your property and tidy any outside space/gardens to make a welcoming environment. Is there anything else that you can do to improve the property’s kerb appeal?

What is the advantage of having a video tour made?

There is growing evidence that buyers love virtual video tours. The tours can provide potential buyers with a great feel of your home. They can show key features, and show how a property flows. They can also help to highlight outside/garden space, and the general location of your property.

The video tour not only helps to market your home, but it can also reduce the number of unnecessary viewings, as potential buyers have a much better idea of what your property is really like before they arrange to see it.

How long is it likely to take for my sale to reach completion?

That can vary dramatically depending on the individuals in the transaction and the broader chain (if there is one). It is possible for seasoned property investors to complete on a house purchase within a couple of weeks, although this is rare (and normally requires a cash buyer and no survey/limited conveyancing). The average time that we would expect a sale to take is between 8-10 weeks. Some transactions can take significantly longer than this however, for example if there are legal delays, survey problems or mortgage issues. In some (rare) cases it may suit both the buyer and seller to delay completion and so the whole process can take many months (one example we have experienced of this was when an investor agreed to wait while the vendor confirmed a place in a residential home).

How can I reduce the risk of my sale falling through?

We can give you plenty of specific advice for your individual sale, but in general we recommend that:

  • You choose your conveyancing solicitor carefully (don’t just base the decision on price!) as a good solicitor can anticipate problems before they occur and can be proactive in making sure that they have everything that they need to move the sale towards completion.
  • You choose your conveyancing solicitor and complete as much of the initial paperwork as possible BEFORE a buyer is found for your home. This will reduce the risk of delays, shows buyers that you are serious about the sale, and can help encourage buyers to get moving with their paperwork too.
  • Try to be flexible about exchange and completion dates to accommodate the buyer.
  • Respond quickly to solicitors’ questions and requests for information so that the sale can proceed smoothly.
  • If you are also buying a property make sure that you take every step that you can to make sure that your purchase doesn’t delay the rest of the chain.

What advice would you give on what solicitor/conveyancer I should use?

Many sellers underestimate the importance of choosing a solicitor. It is tempting to choose a cheap online solicitor to do the conveyancing for you, but like most things in life you get what you pay for. The cheap online solicitors often try to mechanise as much of the conveyancing process as they can (that’s how they keep their costs down). This can be fine if the sale goes smoothly, but they can be difficult to contact or slow to react if problems develop. Alternatively, there are plenty of traditional solicitors in and around Royal Tunbridge Wells who are much more proactive in the selling process, but are not significantly more expensive.

At what stage should I appoint a solicitor/conveyancer?

We recommend that you do this early in the selling process, preferably before a buyer is found. Ideally you can also complete some of the initial paperwork to speed the sale process up, and to reduce the risk of the sale falling through.

Do I have to pay stamp duty?

No, stamp duty is only paid by the buyer.

If you have other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you:

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